Kitchen & Soda

Our kitchen is complete—to be fair, it has been for months, I’m just slow in posting (with lots of pictures)! We’ve already had many pizza nights with friends, family, or just the two of us. And, I’ve made many loaves of bread. It’s such a great space; it turned out beautifully. The light throughout the day is one of my favorite things, all the windows and openness of the kitchen makes me so very happy. We’ve still got pictures and art to put on the wall, a rather large window to upgrade, and rooms to finish in other parts of the house, but the kitchen is perfect.

Just a reminder of the space before and during the remodel–note that we didn’t really take any pictures before it all started, so, I borrowed one from the real estate listing:

From the original listing
Not the best picture–the night before the demolition started
Down to the studs

Now, there are so many little details in the space that make me happy. The little bench in the corner has quickly become a favorite spot for us and our four-legged family member. The cushions on the bench are covered in a fabric with a bold print that I just adore. The cabinets are simple but lovely, with minimal hardware and just about perfect lines. The wall tile looks different throughout the day due to a light scale pattern on each tile that reflects the light, changing the color of the tile slightly depending on the natural light–you can see this in the pictures below, in one picture they’re almost white and in another they’re gray. And, with the 12-foot sliding glass door smack dab in the middle of the space (plus other windows ranging from 4-feet to 10-feet), there is so much light, even on the grayest of days. Our architect did such an amazing job with the design and helping us through the whole process—it’s great to see the end product after so long!


Now that the kitchen’s done, I’m hopeful that more frequent(-ish) posts will follow. But, for now, I’m going to share a cocktail recipe is celebration of a completed kitchen! This is a low-proof cocktail that is a delightful afternoon sipper and would be a great brunch cocktail. I developed this for Letterpress—tasting room cocktails can only use alcohol produced by the distillery and the alcohol is limited to a couple of ounces per day per person—and this may be a regular at home now, too.IMG_2348

Amorino Soda
Tools & Extras: Collins glass; metal straw; bar spoon

2 oz. Amaro Amorino
1 oz. Espresso (or strong coffee)
½ oz. Rich orange simple syrup*
¼ oz. Fresh lemon juice
3 oz. Soda water*
Lemon & Orange peel for garnish


  • Add the first four ingredients to a a Collins glass & stir to mix.
  • Add the soda water & stir to mix before filling the glass with ice.
  • Add the lemon & orange peel for garnish & enjoy with a reusable or recyclable straw!


-To make the orange rich simple syrup, make orange sugar by combining the zest of a large, preferably organic, orange and 1 cup of sugar. Rub together with your fingers until the sugar is light orange and fragrant. This sugar can be stored, covered, at room temperature. To make the rich simple syrup, just mix 2 parts sugar to 1 part boiling water. Stir until the sugar is dissolved. Store in the fridge. This is delicious with hot or iced black tea, iced coffee (with no milk), and lemonade, too!

-Use the fizziest soda water you can find. Unfortunately, I don’t think the soda siphon is fizzy enough for this drink but we also have a Perlini. So, if you happen to have a Perlini, too, use it instead by replacing the soda water with tap/filtered water & put everything in the Perlini cocktail shaker with ice & carbonate—then shake, strain, & enjoy. Note that a Soda Stream might work like this, too, minus the shaking.


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