Howdy! I’m Johnna, I live in Seattle, but grew up in the land of cotton and mosquitos…lots of mosquitos, and deadly things. Oh, and humidity, so much humidity–you know, southern Louisiana. I came to Seattle in 2007 to start my post-doctoral research and test out a new city, a whole new part of the country. The short version of the story: I fell in love with the Pacific Northwest, then I met a boy and fell in love with him, too. We got married in 2012 and now, here I am!

I’m a scientist, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a baker, a runner, a traveler–now, also a knitter, sewer, & blogger. I love all things well made, things that you know were made with care, with love, and with the hope that someone will enjoy it. That boy I married, he’s a great cook and maker of wonderful cocktai3215_1128362179463_5406077_nls, as well as maker of delicious things that go into cocktails. We own a distillery–Letterpress Distilling. This is something he has created, and given much time, energy, and love to; his desire to make something wonderful from very good things is on clear display for the world to see. I’m the official taste tester of his creations, and occasionally the official Letterpress caterer!

We have two crazy pets, a cat named Milo and a dog named Roux, who get along pretty well, and keep us entertained. Life is pretty good, and insanely busy most of the time.

Why the blog? 

So, this blog will be my creative outlet; it will be a space where I’ll share delicious things, favorite recipes, beautiful finds, and my passion (or perhaps insanity?) for learning new things. In addition to food, I’m nurturing my crafty side…and exploring the art of making non-edible things like scarves. You might hear a little about that, too, along the way.

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