Adventures in knitting!

So, I warned you way back in the beginning that you’d hear about my craft adventures periodically; well, I’m making progress on my scarf (aka squirrel blanket) with only a few hiccups along the way. During my most recent work trip, I carried along my knitting–and, by the way, I was so excited to be knit and fly! Anyway, I knitted a little on the way to Copenhagen, slowly making progress and building a little more confidence with my knitting. While in Copenhagen, work and sleep was the order of my activities, with a few evenings filled with friends. But, on the way home, I made progress!! I moved on to the second ball of yarn while hanging out in the Frankfurt airport, waiting on my connecting flight home to Seattle. Woohoo, so exciting, joining the new yarn with the old, right? I thought it was a picture-worthy moment!image

And, then, after a few stitches in, I realized the yarn I needed to continue with was knitted in wrong. No problem, I thought; I’ll just unknit it…a few stitches in (or out, actually), something was off and going wrong quickly. Well, being the novice knitter that I am, I checked the internet and, of course, You Tube. After trying to figure out where it all went wrong, and realizing that I was probably too tired to do so and likely to just make it worse, I stopped, rolled up the needles and yarn, and tucked it all back in my bag. So much for my exciting ‘connecting the yarn’ milestone and knitting in the airport.

Well, after getting home and settled, I headed over to Bad Woman Yarn and asked for help. I explained the situation and they checked out my mistake. Apparently, I’d unknitted on the wrong side! Phew, a fixable error! They showed me how to fix it and I knitted a row before leaving with a ready to go scarf–well on my way to finish this thing before winter. image


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