The crafty side

My mother, grandmother, and aunt crocheted; I remember them making beautiful delicate things with a hooked needle and some thread when I was kid. Watching their hands move while they held actual conversations amazed me—still does because I’m not a talk-and-knit kind of person just yet. My mom started crocheting again in the last year or so; she makes hats and scarves for my niece, and baby blankets and hats for the children’s hospital in Baton Rouge. After we went to Louisiana for Christmas and I watched my mom crocheting again, a little crafty spark caught fire in my head, highlighting my a desire to create things with my hands fueled also by a need to find ways to focus and be present.

So, I decided a couple of months ago that I wanted to learn to knit and crochet. I’m far from a skilled knitter, I’m kind of clumsy and still figuring out the whole idea of tension. Rigimageht now, it’s a whole lot of knit-pearl-repeat and figuring out how to hold the yarn, the needles, and focusing on the pattern. My stitches are not the prettiest but I’m okay with that.
It forces me to focus on the present and not let my mind wander to all the other things to be done or dealt with. So far, I’ve officially knitted a blanket for a squirrel and it’s only taken about a month and a half. It will eventually be a scarf—hopefully by the time winter comes back around. But for now, back to the knit-pearl-repeat!

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