Oatmeal…man, when I was a kid, it was this gross, wallpaper paste-ish goo that I did not want to eat. It was an awfully boring color and the texture was just yuck. Yet, as I got older, this ‘stuff old people eat’ sort of grew on me (well, that’s a mental image I’ll apologize for!). I decided it wasn’t so bad and it was pretty cheap and, with the instant stuff, super fast–important when you’re in graduate school and are on the tightest of budgets both financially and time-wise. Over the years, I’ve upgraded my oatmeal game, no more instant oatmeal packets (’cause, really, those are a rip off & still pretty gross), and I prefer steel-cut oats or Scottish oatmeal when it’s oatmeal for breakfast. Now, I can whole heartedly say, ‘I love oatmeal!’–deep inside, a little girl is stomping her feet and crying–and I’m officially an adult.



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