A tomato revelation

Hello, friends! It’s been too long. All the grand plans we had of taking the month of June to pack, completing a few outdoor projects at the new house in July, and then leisurely moving in went straight out the window. We had to move in to the house in the middle of June. Packing accelerated and the move was quick; all the outdoor projects started after we moved in. We’ve been knee-deep in planning the kitchen remodel, getting settled in the new place, spending time with friends and family, and work the last few months. The remodel hasn’t happened as quick as we’d like, it hasn’t happened at all actually. We’ve had a hard time finding a contractor due to the insane construction boom in Seattle. Right now, I’d be happy with a contractor and a start date! Though, truth be told, I’ll be even happier when it’s all done. But, we’re in our house! We were in the house with the whole summer ahead of us and it was glorious. IMG_4304Roux has a real yard to run around in and bunnies and birds to watch and to bark at. The cat is the cat–Milo has found his favorite spots and learned how to open the screen on the sliding glass doors. He’s a crafty little guy and full of mischief.  Continue reading