Kale Love (& some lentils, too)

I’m the meal planner in the family. So, at the start of every week, I put each night’s dinner on our Google calendar with recipe information. The first person home usually starts dinner based on what the calendar says is the plan. I can’t take credit for that idea—our friend and neighbor, Heather, suggested it and I thought it was brilliant! And, now I do it just about every week! For the meal planning, we have some standards but I like to peruse one of the many cookbooks we have, search the internet, and flip through magazines for new recipes. Honestly, though, I rarely ever follow a recipe verbatim. I think cooking should be personal, something that’s a reflection of your taste and preferences, what looks best at the market as well as what’s in season. I plan vegetarian meals most days, so the weekly shopping comprises mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, with beans, tofu, dairy, and eggs as our protein sources. I buy organic, local produce when available, we’re fortunate enough to be able to do this and live an area of the country that promotes and supports a farm-to-table culture.

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